Making the most of Instant Family

Resources and suggestions to help you take advantage of this opportunity

On November 16, Instant Family, a Paramount Pictures film that portrays one family’s experience with adoption from foster care, premiered in theaters.

Moviegoers around the country are getting a humorous and touching glimpse into the world of foster care adoption—and, we anticipate, many of them may contact your agency eager to learn more.

We’ve compiled the following resources to help you take advantage of this opportunity to recruit more families.

Prepare your system

Webinar: Responding to Instant Family. Presenters discussed strategies to prepare for an anticipated increase in inquiries from prospective families and ways that states and AdoptUSKids are planning to use the film for recruitment. There was also a Q&A session.

(If you are not able to access YouTube, register to watch the recording on GoToWebinar.)

Also see:

Borrow our website content!

You are welcome to borrow content from the AdoptUSKids website and encouraged to use resources provided by Paramount Pictures.

“Inspired by Instant Family?” A page for people who are visiting our site after seeing the movie.

Instant Family director’s story. Sean Anders directed the movie. This is his adoption story.

Instant Family “Word of Advice” featurette. A behind-the-scenes look at the film’s creation.

AdoptUSKids announcement about the movie. Provides a brief overview of the film and its making.

Paramount Pictures Instant Family website. Offers suggestions to people who are looking for ways to get involved—including by contacting AdoptUSKids.

Images and video clips from the movie shared by Paramount Pictures.

Engage on social media

We’ll be sharing information about the movie from our social media account. And Paramount has several channels about the movie. We suggest monitoring the conversation on these channels and chiming in where appropriate.

And remember, we are here to help! Contact us if you need help with your recruitment and response efforts: