About the AdoptUSKids photolisting

Families and professionals use our free photolisting tools to match qualified families with children who need safe, permanent homes.

More than 35,000 children previously listed on AdoptUSKids now live with permanent families.

How families use the photolisting

Families who are home studied or have a foster care license and who are actively seeking an adoptive placement complete a simple process to register with us. After a caseworker confirms that a family is approved to adopt and actively seeking a placement, the families can use the tools on our site.

Using our photolisting, families can:

  • Create profiles describing their interests, preferences, and capabilities. These profiles can be searched and viewed by caseworkers looking for families for children they work with. Family profiles are only viewable by registered professionals.
  • Search for children who are available to be adopted and share lists of children with their caseworker. Families can also contact children’s caseworkers through our site.

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How professionals use the photolisting

Professionals who work for public and private agencies can use our site to give national exposure to the children and families they work with and use our tools to help manage their cases.

Using our photolisting, children’s caseworkers can:

  • Create profiles of children on their caseloads that include photos, videos, and a descriptive narrative.
  • Respond to inquiries about the children from registered families.
  • Find families who are approved to adopt from foster care and would meet the needs of children on their caseloads. Learn about the families registered on adoptuskids.org.

Families’ caseworkers can:

  • Register families they work with.
  • Search for children and share the results of their search with families.

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