Welcome to registration

Welcome to registration with the AdoptUSKids photolisting, and thank you for your interest in adoption from foster care.

You are eligible to register if:

  • You have a home study and are approved in your state of residency to adopt from foster care.
  • You have a foster care license in your state of residency and plan to adopt from foster care.

Important notes

We want your registration to go smoothly. Before you begin, please note:

  • Any information about your family that you or your caseworker enters into this registration form should accurately reflect the contents of your home study or foster care license.
  • Have your information ready ahead of time to ensure you don’t lose any work. (See below for a list of materials to gather.)
  • You can save this registration at any point after entering basic information for the first parent. When you save your registration, or if our system does not detect activity for 30 minutes, we’ll send you an email with a link to resume your registration later. 
  • Throughout the registration, you can click on the  symbol for more information.
  • Registration is a straight-forward process, though it does require you to be thoughtful and to write a family narrative, which we recommend preparing in advance. Families report that registration takes between 20 and 30 minutes to complete if they prepare their narrative ahead of time.
  • Your family’s registration will be activated after it is verified by your caseworker and reviewed by AdoptUSKids. This typically takes about two weeks.

Materials to gather

Here are the materials you should gather to make the registration process as fast and smooth as possible:

  • Licensing information, including the date of your home study or license and the name of your foster care training (if applicable).
  • Demographic and contact information for you and your partner or spouse (if applicable).
  • Information about children currently living in your home, including their year of birth.
  • Details about your child preferences and the conditions and disabilities that you will accept.
  • A family narrative that introduces your family and describes your family’s lifestyle and interests and your experience with children. See our guidelines for writing family narratives (24.6 KB DOC).
  • Your agency and worker’s contact information: mailing address, phone number, and email.

Thank you again for your interest. Please contact us with questions!