Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
State:North Carolina
Case #:NC10558-1120
Profile Updated:6/6/2023
Photo Updated:5/9/2023

Cody is described as creative, social, athletic, charismatic, and family oriented. He is extremely loyal to those he cares about. Cody has big dreams of becoming a rapper or working in the music industry as a producer. To support this dream, Cody participates in weekly guitar lessons, which he would love to continue once placed in his forever home. A few of Cody’s hobbies and interests include playing pick up basketball and baseball with friends, riding his hover board, listening to music, watching YouTube videos about music production, and playing video games.

The ideal adoptive family for Cody will consist of a two parent or single male home where he is the youngest or only child. Cody’s forever family will need to take the time to create a deep connection with him. He thrives in environments where caregivers are emotionally present while Cody talks through his feelings and identifies alternative solutions to obstacles. Cody has a desire to be adopted and is looking forward to finding a family that he can feel connected to for a lifetime.

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