Case #:VT01MK1
Profile Updated:11/6/2023
Photo Updated:9/22/2023

Paul is 14 years old.

My Favorite Things: I enjoy Legos, video games, tech decks, and card games - especially Uno. I listen to country music. I am an active person and enjoy swimming, skateboarding, snowboarding, and riding my bike. I am athletic and pick up on sports easily.

Things I do not like: I do not like having to stay inside for long amounts of time. I do not like yelling.

Favorite Foods: I love steak and tacos. My favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

What I want in a family: I would like a mom, a dad, an older brother, and a dog. I would also love to have a horse, or at least have the opportunity to ride one. I want parents who will be active and play with me. I want to live in a small town. I would like a yard and woods to play in.

What I want families to know about me: I am active and athletic. I am caring, empathetic, and a good friend. I like to be involved and am a helpful person who would like to participate in projects around the house. I would like to have some contact with my birth family. I aspire to be a firefighter when I grow up and am interested in finding a connection with a firefighter as a mentor.

What we want families to know about the youth: Paul is very concerned about keeping other people happy. He is reluctant to show adults when he is upset, so as not to make them feel sad or angry with him. Paul is incredible with animals and would do best with animals who like affection and are good with kids.

Contact Information: Macie Klumper, (802) 324-1898,

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