Jayden, Jay’shawn

Name:Jayden, Jay’shawn
Ages:14, 13
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
Case #:SKY0112626
  • Jayden, 14, male
  • Jay’shawn, 13, male
Profile Updated:3/8/2021
Photo Updated:1/23/2021

Jayden (7/06) is a quiet young man and it can take some time to get to know him. He enjoys playing video games and spending time in his room. He also likes playing sports like basketball.He needs a family who will stick with him as he takes time to develop trust. Structure is important to Jayden’s comfort. He needs to know what is expected of him, which will help him to feel comfortable . He would do best in a family that can provide strong reinforcement and strong supervision. He needs a family who can recognize his potential and help develop it.

Jay’shawn (08/07) enjoys reading, playing video games and playing sports, especially basketball. He needs a family who is willing to stick with him while they get to know each other. It is important that his environment is structured, so he knows what to expect. He does best when he knows what is expected of him as well as what he can expect from others around him. Jay’shawn thinks a lot about his future and needs a family who can support him as he moves from a child and into his teenage years.

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