Ethan, Samuel, Aubrey

Name:Samuel, Ethan, Aubrey
Ages:14, 13, 10
Race:White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino
Gender:2 male, 1 female
Case #:STX0112356
  • Samuel, 14, male
  • Ethan, 13, male
  • Aubrey, 10, female
Profile Updated:11/9/2022
Photo Updated:6/1/2022

Samuel, Ethan, and Aubrey are a social and outgoing sibling group who enjoy staying active. These three siblings love one another very much and are supportive of each other's dreams. Samuel, as the eldest, looks out for his siblings. Samuel will also include Aubrey when he plays with Ethan. Ethan is the middle child and looks up to his big brother for support and as a role model. Aubrey is the youngest child, and always goes to her brothers for help or comfort. Samuel, Ethan, and Aubrey are very friendly children who make friends easily. The children enjoy eating pizza and spaghetti and spending their time outdoors. Faith is important to these three siblings, they believe in God and enjoy going to church and being taught lessons from the Bible. The boys would like to have a big dog, while Aubrey would prefer something small such as a poodle. The siblings look forward to attending a Dallas Cowboys game with their forever family someday!

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