Case #:MA015823
Profile Updated:3/11/2024
Photo Updated:3/7/2023

Kealan is a sweet and animated boy of Caucasian descent. Kealan loves flipping the pages of his favorite board books. He loves to tap on objects and listen to the different noises they make. Kealan enjoys music and being part of the activity of other children of all ages. He loves bouncing on a trampoline on his back. He loves water in sensory tables, pools, and the bathtub. Kealan is mobile and able to navigate playgrounds. He has recently started to enjoy slides and navigate them on his own.

Kealan uses eye contact, vocalizations, touch, and some symbols to communicate throughout the day. Kealan has a great sense of humor and loves to be playful. He enjoys the structure of his schedule including school and time at home. Kealan is usually happy to go places in the community even if it is just running errands and he likes to be active. While Kealan likes routine, he is also flexible and can be spontaneous. Kealan has a way of sharing his sense of humor with those around him and his laugh is infectious.

Kealan is looking for a family that is able to meet his needs and help him thrive. A family would need to be able to keep up with Kealan's many medical and developmental appointments and help advocate for him in school.

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