Maine post-adoption support

Below are post-adoption support services available to families who live in Maine. Services may not be available in all areas and/or may be dependent upon the circumstances of the placement. Please check with your post-adoption services provider about the availability of specific post-adoption or guardianship support services for your family. You can also visit Child Welfare Information Gateway for information on Adoption and Guardianship Assistance, as well as additional information on post-adoption support

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Post-adoption support services

In Maine, adoptive families have access to the following services through a post-adoption support program:

  • Information (websites, fact sheets, articles, etc.) 
  • Referral to services
  • Training/other development
  • Adoption search
  • Peer support for parents
  • Peer support for children/teens
  • Mentoring for parents
  • Case management
  • Camps, retreats, events
  • Respite care
  • Educational support
  • Financial/material support
  • Community-based therapeutic services
  • In-home therapeutic services 
  • Crisis intervention

Who is eligible for these services?

  • Families who have adopted from the state’s foster care system 
  • Families who have adopted from another state’s foster care system
  • Families who have guardianship of a child from foster care system

Some services may only be available if families are eligible for Maine Cares services as part of an adoption or guardianship assistance agreement.

Who provides these services?

The Maine Department of Health and Human Services contracts with Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine, Inc. to offer post-adoption and guardianship support across the state. Some services are also available to eligible families through Resource Parent Care Teams, contracted through Spurwink.

For more information, visit the state’s adoption information website

Parent support groups

Below are support groups for adoptive, kinship, and foster families. Support groups may be offered as part of a state’s post-adoption/guardianship support program, through a statewide or regional foster or adoptive parent association, through specific agencies, or may be run independently. If we have additional information about the group’s purpose or the community served, it’s provided under the group’s contact information.

To add a group or make a suggestion, email the AdoptUSKids family support team.

Statewide association

Adoptive and Foster Families of Maine

Parent groups

Community Care
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