Race:Black/African American
Case #:2920015951
Profile Updated:5/15/2023
Photo Updated:5/15/2023

Elliston is a talkative, outgoing, funny, and brilliant teen who loves to chat and make new connections. He likes playing basketball, football, wrestling, and is even taking a boxing class at school, which he loves! Elliston is excellent at solving Rubik's Cubes and can finish them in minutes. He is a great singer and enjoys singing along to the car radio. Elliston likes reading anything that catches his eye, and would say he would like to have a good library in his area.

A family that can keep Elliston connected to his physical outlets and can continue to help him achieve his potential is a must. Elliston is open to any family composition or religious views. He would prefer to live in a metro area. Elliston loves horses and dogs and would love to live in a home with pets.

Following adoption, Elliston needs maintain contact with his brother and other family members

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