Race:Black/African American
Case #:KY01F0178
Profile Updated:1/8/2024
Photo Updated:1/26/2024

Keaundra (05/2008) has a very likeable personality. Keaundra is outgoing and likes to be around other people. She loves to make people laugh and to get attention from others. Keaundra loves music, enjoys singing and dancing. Keaundra can be very helpful without prompting and a leader when she wants to be. She is does well in school. She thrives with structure and routines. Keaundra loves chinese food and Chic fila. She enjoys going out to eat and being on the go. Keaundra likes watching Netflix and doing family activities. Keaundra is a happy kid and likes to be goofy at times. Keaundra also likes to go swimming and shopping. Keaundra is very determined and supportive of others. She describes herself as nice and outgoing.

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