Case #:MI01C010366
Profile Updated:11/29/2023
Photo Updated:9/29/2023


A few “ivity” qualities apply to Myah such as sensitivity, objectivity and positivity, but none are more important than creativity.

She writes music and poetry – and is working on a book – and she enjoys drawing and painting as well as creating her own fashions. With all of those creative juices flowing, we asked which one unleashes a flood of imagination in her.

“I’m best at writing music, and I’ve always loved to write. Music and art go hand-in-hand because they’re both art.

“My absolutely, positively comfort zone is my art. I like to sketch, draw, paint and that type of stuff. My art helps me express myself and my feelings, so if I’m feeling angry, I might sketch a thorny rose bush or draw a tree with a staircase,” says Myah, who finds her inspiration in a Renaissance man.

“I’ve always liked Leonardo da Vinci; he’s my favorite artist. His art has always been interesting to me with his choices of colors and his details in the designs. My life is very detailed, and I like my paintings to be very detailed.”

Even though art is her first creative passion, Myah still returns to writing as a photo-finish second. She uses the story of a song she wrote – “Big Sister” – as an example why songwriting inspires and comforts her at the same time.

“The song tells the story of the eldest of like 12 girls, and she’s having a hard time with all of this chaos in her life. But her sisters are like, ‘Hey, we’re here for you. We’ve got you. We don’t care if you’re not perfect. We love who you are.’

“I have a friend right now, and we have a special bond like sisters. She encourages me to write and lets me know that I’m not alone. That support and encouragement lets me know that the best way to get through everything is just to go through it.”

And write about it?


As you can tell, Myah is a bright teen with a great future. Her talent might be topped by her empathy for others. She wants to earn degrees in art, music, cosmetology and hairstyling so she can help the less fortunate with her knowledge and talent.

“It softens my heart and hurts me a little because there are people who don’t have enough money to get clothing and other basic things. I want to take what I’ve learned and use it so people can get haircuts or so kids can learn how to play music. I think everyone needs to get that kind of respect that they deserve.”

Myah certainly deserves and desires a new forever family. She would do best in a two-parent home with a male and female caregiver or two female caregivers. Her new parents should be able to provide structure and guidance.

Most of all, her new family needs to encourage Myah’s creativity and support her aspirations.

“That family would mean a lot to me,” says Myah, who adds, “I’d love to be a kid for you.”

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