Case #:TN01-120311989
Profile Updated:7/29/2022
Photo Updated:5/17/2022

Blake is an outgoing, fun-loving, and adventurous young man with lots of interests and hobbies. Blake enjoys making new friends and engaging in conversation about random topics. He has a love for outdoor activities. He likes walking down trails, observing nature and playing sports. Blake likes playing basketball and looks forward to being part of a team. Blake has an interest in cars, trucks, and many other types of vehicles. Blake can tell you about his favorite features of different makes and models of automobiles. Blake aspires to be an auto mechanic and plans to attend trade school to learn about this profession. If you visit Blake's room, you will find it in neat, tip-top shape. Blake enjoys having an organized, clean space. Blake likes having every item in its designated place. He folds his clothes and stores his shoes without direction. Blake enjoys keeping a clean haircut and having clothes that give him a well-groomed, relaxed look. Blake is very respectful and often uses "yes sir, no sir, yes ma'am, and no ma'am." Blake looks forward to being a helper and is eager to assist with most any task. Blake is up for the challenge of being part of a loving family who is as patient and caring as he is.

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