Krystyna, Stephen "Bubba", Alexa

Name:Krystyna, Stephen "Bubba", Alexa
Ages:17, 15, 13
Gender:1 male, 2 female
State:South Dakota
Case #:S7260113070
  • Krystyna, 17, female
  • Stephen "Bubba", 15, male
  • Alexa, 13, female
Profile Updated:6/8/2022
Photo Updated:2/25/2022

Meet Krystyna, Bubba, and Alexa!

Krystyna is a friendly and kind 16-year-old girl who describes herself as artistic, brave, passionate, sassy, and helpful. She has interests in reading, writing, dancing, singing, and art. Some of her favorites right now include My Hero Academy, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and Pokémon. Krystyna enjoys writing stories about her favorite characters and learning the lyrics to different soundtracks and theme songs.

Stephen is an endearing 15-year-old boy who prefers to go by his nickname, “Bubba.” He is happy, fun-loving, sincere, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Bubba enjoys sports (cheering for the Denver Broncos) and music, most often country or K-Pop! Some of his other interests and favorites include Beyblades, Yugioh, video games, cars, ice cream, and spending time outside.

Alexa is a spirited and bright 13-year-old girl who dreams of being a famous singer or pursuing her love of science. She is friendly, witty, curious, and courageous. Alexa has interests in anime, friends, hair and makeup, fashion, singing, and drawing. She enjoys being in choir and is thinking of joining the knowledge bowl team at school.

These teen siblings are waiting for an adoptive family who is ready for more fun, adventure, love, and energy in their lives—times 3! Could you be the family for Krystyna, Bubba, and Alexa?

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