Leland, Mallory

Name:Leland, Mallory
Ages:16, 15
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SMI0113033
  • Leland, 16, male
  • Mallory, 15, female
Profile Updated:1/12/2022
Photo Updated:9/20/2022

“Leland has so much potential to do great things in his life,” says one of his close adults. “It amazes me how much Leland values family and relationships at his age. Leland is a truly unique teenager with an old-school spirit.” This exceptionally cool kid loves plenty of typical teen activities such as playing football and basketball and the occasional video game. Leland likes celebrating all holidays by being with family. He likes participating in youth group and says science is his favorite subject in school. Although Leland is unsure of what he wants to be, he has talent for the job market. “Leland is very good at fixing things and working with his hands,” says one of his close adults. Leland’s favorite season is fall, his favorite food is chicken, his favorite color is red and his favorite animals are dogs. If he could visit anywhere, Leland would travel to Hawaii. “I have heard cool things about being there,” he says. When he’s asked what he takes the most pride in, Leland says, “how I am family-oriented. I value family.” Leland has one simple request of his future forever family – that they “just hang out together whether it is at home or going out somewhere.”

Mallory wants to take a trip, and she doesn’t care when or how. “I want to travel,” she says. She does, however, care about the where. “I want to go somewhere warm.” Maybe Mallory’s temporary distaste for cold weather brought on a desire for warmth since, as one of the adults close to her says, “Mallory loves all of the four seasons.” And regardless of the weather, “she finds excitement in everything that she does!” In winter, spring, summer or fall, Mallory does it all, which includes spending tine outside, going swimming, playing on swing sets and shooting hoops. When she’s indoors, Mallory likes drawing, playing with baby dolls and engaging in imaginary play. “Mallory enjoys the little things in life like playing a game or doing a craft,” says one of the adults who cares about Mallory most. Munching on pizza and chips brings her smiles, too. The color blue is Mallory’s favorite hue, and you won’t get her to settle the woofs versus meows debate because she likes both dogs and cats. When she gets older, Mallory says she wants to become a doctor. For now, she has a new forever family on her mind. She hopes they play together and do things outside regardless of the season.

“Leland is very laidback, soft-spoken and kind,” says an adult close to him. “Leland is mild-tempered and caring, and I have witnessed him helping pick up items without being asked. He is happy just hanging out with the people he loves.”

“Mallory is very energetic and passionate about life, and she finds beauty in everything,” a close adult says. “Mallory enjoys the smallest things and reminds you of what is most important. Mallory is doing really well in school and is proud of her achievements.”

A forever family must be willing to adopt Leland and Mallory together. They would do best with two experienced parents. Leland and Mallory can be in a forever family with or without other children. Their new parents must make sure they receive the services they need to thrive. Their family also needs to be open to letting Leland and Mallory maintain appropriate relationships.

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