Case #:VA01321913
Profile Updated:8/16/2021
Photo Updated:9/24/2021

Samuel is a talented young man who enjoys drawing and designing sneakers. He has shown a strong interest in pursuing a career as a mechanic, specifically a diesel mechanic. Sam is a 15 year old male with tremendous resolve and kindness. Samuel's favorite sport to play is basketball. Samuel continues to show his resiliency each day and has the ability to build rapport and show loyalty. Samuel's academic progress is exemplary and is passing each subject with seemingly ease. Samuel advocates for himself and can form bonds well with those that are committed to him. Samuel likes to play video games including mostly sports games but does enjoy the single player aspect of online gaming. Samuel has a unique calming presence. He does well with his peers and makes close friends easily. Samuel does very well with instruction and guidance from adults and is looking forward to a family who can help guide him on his future path.

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