Joseph, Jordan

Name:Joseph, Jordan
Ages:13, 10
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
Case #:SMI0112757
  • Joseph, 13, male
  • Jordan, 10, male
Profile Updated:11/22/2023
Photo Updated:9/28/2023

This great big world better make way for an equally great big young boy, and his name is Joseph. This young man should burst a top button on his shirt with the pride that swells by doing things on his own. Joseph changes his clothes on his own. He makes his own bed. Joseph reads well and does well in school. “Joseph is a bright child who is eager to learn and has a lot of potential,” says one of the adults close to him. In short, he’s a superstar who likes superheroes, especially Spider-Man. Joseph loves playing outside and enjoys playing basketball, especially shooting hoops with a small ball and a toy rim attached to the back of a chair. On the weekends, Joseph likes camping and going to the beach, and when spending time with friends, he likes playing on the trampoline. He’s an adventurous soul who looks forward to going on adventures with his future forever family. Joseph would especially enjoy a camping excursion with them.

Jordan will not succumb to kryptonite. He won’t have some villainous villain vanquishing the hopes and dreams of villagers, city dwellers and country folks. This lad is ready to take on all bad guys anytime and set the world straight! “Jordan describes himself in superhero terms!” says one of the adults close to him. “He loves Marvel movies and likes to race around the house trying to save the planet.” In fact, if he had three wishes, Jordan would want to save the world, have all superpowers and be a scientist. If he could travel anywhere, Jordan would want to go to New York City because “that is where Spider-Man lives,” he says. In addition to playing with superhero toys, Jordan enjoys drawing and coloring. On his list of favorite things, Jordan includes pizza for food, blue for color, cats for animal and math and science for subject in school. Jordan especially likes learning about science when it involves insects and dinosaurs. “He enjoys learning how nature works,” says one of Jordan’s adult acquaintances, “and he loves being outdoors.” He likes going camping on weekends, and looks forward to spending time in the outdoors with a future forever family.

“Joseph is a sweet, funny and affectionate child whose smile lights up every room he is in,” says one of the adults who cares about him the most. “Joseph is a joy to be around and is loved by everyone who meets him!”

Those close to him describe Jordan as inquisitive, helpful, bright and sweet. “Jordan appears to get along well with other children and likes to make friends wherever he goes! He appears shy around strangers at first but becomes friendly once he is familiar with others. Jordan is a very helpful and fun young man who loves attention from adults.”

A forever family must be willing to adopt Joseph and Jordan together. The boys would do best in a two-parent forever family with or without other children. Their new parents should be experienced and able to make sure Joseph and Jordan receive the services they need to thrive. Their new family must be able to provide the assistance and attention they require.

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