Theresa, Laura, Lauretta

Name:Laura, Lauretta, Theresa
Ages:16, 16, 15
Race:Black/African American
Gender:3 female
State:North Carolina
Case #:SNC10512723
  • Laura, 16, female
  • Lauretta, 16, female
  • Theresa, 15, female
Profile Updated:7/2/2021
Photo Updated:5/25/2021

Laura, Lauraetta, and Theresa are three strongly bonded sisters who are seeking their forever family, a family who will accept and love them unconditionally. Laura has been described as polite and friendly. Laura is very passionate about drawing, reading, and spending time with her sisters. Like many teens her age, Laura likes to “be out and about.” She has a love of seafood, especially crab legs.

Lauraetta tends to be shyer than her twin sister. Although she tends to be on the quiet side, she does not mind advocating for her interests. Lauraetta is a lover of comedy shows and making TikTok videos. She is described as loving and caring. Both sisters were previously a part of ROTC.

Theresa is an outgoing teen who enjoys watching Criminal Minds and Stranger Things. Her favorite subject in school is PE. Theresa enjoys playing board games, going to the beach and spending time with family and friends. Her favorite restaurant is Wendy’s, and she likes to listen to R&B and Rap. When watching television she prefers comedy shows as she loves being funny. With family, she can be talkative, outgoing and loving. Theresa is very loving, caring, understanding and forgiving when it comes to things in the past.

Laura, Lauraetta, and Theresa deserve the love and devotion of a forever family. Their forever family should be committed, loving, and patient. The ideal family would provide a nurturing atmosphere that allows for growth and development as these young ladies move through their teenage years and transition into adulthood. Their forever family should be able to provide the necessary support and guidance in order for the girls to be successful on their journey. These young ladies have many strengths to bring and contribute to a loving family unit. This sibling group deserves a family that will meet them where they are, encourage them with unconditional commitment, patience, and understanding.

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