Race:Black/African American
Case #:91013852
Profile Updated:4/15/2021
Photo Updated:4/16/2021

Meet Phoenix (b. April of 2006) a bubbly, creative, and compassionate teen! Phoenix loves to journal, write poetry, and practice the Spoken Word. They are also into anime and want to pursue a career in that field. Phoenix feels confident that their unique poetry writing might even present a way to break into animation.

Phoenix has big dreams and even a bigger heart. Phoenix is sensitive and cares about others, sharing that ultimately they want to do something to help people in need – especially the homeless population. When they are not thinking about their future, Phoenix is likely to be engaged in shopping at crafts stores, exploring nature, eating out with friends or watching movies.

If you have a heart for helping someone like Phoenix and think your home and family might be the right place from which Phoenix can reach their dreams, let us know. We want to help Phoenix achieve the permanency that could help their dreams become reality.

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