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Profile Updated:5/2/2022
Photo Updated:10/20/2022

Meet Mistee! With a flair for the dramatic, this spirited young lady isn’t afraid to just be her genuine self and is best described as energetic, spunky, and creative! Aside from being an outgoing teen who loves swimming, bonfires, skateboarding, volleyball and soccer, Mistee admits that her number one passion right now is Japanese Anime. She loves to watch it; read comics and Manga books about it; and draw Anime characters in her spare time. Mistee loves to travel and dreams of someday visiting Tokyo so that she can fully immerse herself in Japanese culture! Painting, playing the harmonica and reading Fantasy or Romance novels are just a few more of her varied interests.

Mistee shared that she sometimes struggles with feelings of anxiety and that being a part of a family that attends church regularly helps to center her in her identity. She hopes to find a family with two parents and is open to either a traditional Mom and Dad, or to same sex parents. She is also ok with having siblings in the home or being an only child. Mistee recently began therapeutic horseback riding and would like to have the opportunity to learn more about caring for any pets in her new home. Always up for an adventure and open to trying new things, Mistee feels that she could be content in either a rural or a bigger city setting. Overall, this sweet girl simply wants a family who will accept her for who she is and who will commit to loving her unconditionally for a lifetime.

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