State:North Dakota
Case #:ND010187
Profile Updated:10/6/2022
Photo Updated:1/4/2022

Do you need recommendations on a place to go out to eat? Well look no further, because Isaac is here to help! If you ask him at any given time where he wants to eat, he will mostly likely tell you Taco Bell or any other restaurant that serves tacos. You could say that Isaac is a taco connoisseur which he would proudly agree. While enjoying his favorite meal, Isaac may even tell you a few jokes with his quick-wit sense of humor. With a contagious smile like his, he will be sure to brighten your day! In his downtime, Isaac enjoys playing video games and watching YouTube videos. Though he is enjoying the summer weather, Isaac prefers to spend quality time at home. He enjoys more quiet, laid-back activities as this fits his personality well.

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