Race:Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino
Case #:PA01C51CQ81
Profile Updated:11/17/2023
Photo Updated:10/3/2023

When Julian was asked what word best describes him, it took him no time to answer “playful!” Julian loves telling jokes and making others laugh. He is personable and easy to talk to. He is also very athletic! He especially enjoys playing basketball and football. His ideal family would spend weekends going out for french toast, doing outdoor activities and watching scary movies together! Some of his favorite foods to eat are pizza (specifically buffalo chicken pizza) and hot dogs. In Julian’s current placement, he is always willing to do daily chores and others describe him as “pleasant.” Julian says that his favorite subject in school is math and has emphasized how important receiving an education is. Growing up, Julian was fluent in Spanish, as this was his first language. Over the years, Julian became more comfortable speaking English and lost some of his Spanish speaking ability. One of Julian's greatest wishes is to reconnect to and relearn Spanish. Additionally, Julian would love to travel to Africa to explore the culture. His biggest goal, however, is to join the United States Air Force.

Parental rights have been terminated for Julian.

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