Race:White/Caucasian, American Indian/Alaskan Native
Case #:MA017770
Profile Updated:6/1/2023
Photo Updated:5/18/2023

Jacob, who likes to go by Jake, is a shy but friendly teenager. He is described to be very athletic. He likes playing basketball and working out at his afterschool program. Jacob has discovered a passion for music and musical instruments. He also loves to play video games and connecting with other gamers.

Jacob attends a local high school and thrives with support . He was a little apprehensive when he was enrolled in his new school but has since made many friends. Jacob has regular contact with school peers through school, football, and basketball games. He also has made friends from online gaming.

Jake’s social worker feels he would do best in a family with at least one female. Jake would do well with older children in the home or children similar in age. He would do best in a home that is active and has clear expectations. A family for him would maintain contact with his birth mother and siblings.

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