Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino
Case #:95603102551513
Profile Updated:8/16/2022
Photo Updated:5/28/2022

Introducing Candra! Candra is a young lady with a big personality. She is very personable! It is easy to strike up a conversation with her. She is very interested in music and being with friends. She loves being active and describes herself as athletic. She enjoys playing sports and doing outdoor activities. Candra has a younger sister and brother adopted separately. It is very important to her that she is able to maintain contact with her siblings, especially her little brother.

Candra loves getting her hair done, is very into wigs and cos-play. She loves Anime. She keeps a journal on her at all times so she can doodle and draw. She loves being creative and crafting. She also really likes dressing cute and is very into being social with her friends and family. She definitely has a sense of style and likes to be able to express herself with her clothes, accessories, and hair style. She has a lot of varied interests and thrives on praise and positive reinforcement. Candra is often the girl others come to for makeovers, makeup tips and hair braiding. She loves cosmetology and is very interested in this field. She has a big imagination and loves to learn new things and be a part of everything. She is sassy and fun to be around. She loves to talk! She can talk about all kinds of things and it is easy for her to share her interests with people she trusts. It is easier for Candra to build a trusting relationship with a female, so she is looking for a family that includes at least one mom.

The one thing she really wants her future adoptive parents to know about her is that she is, “…not my file”. Candra wants her family to be aware that while she has been through a lot, she has come very far and she doesn’t like being defined by her past. She really wants to have a special relationship with a mother figure in her life.

Candra needs an emotionally stable, patient family who can keep her engaged in activities that focus on self-esteem, team and peer relationships, and who is able to support her in her healing journey. She is very smart and does well in school, but, like most kids her age, does need help staying motivated to get her work done. Candra is looking for a family where she can soak up all the attention and not compete with other children near her age or younger. The most important thing to Candra is having a relationship with her brother. She will need to be able to have frequent phone contact and visits with him. She is looking for a family who understands how important sibling relationships are and will help her stay in her brother's life as much as possible.

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