Emilio, Gazzale, Michael

Name:Michael, Gazzale, Emilio
Ages:16, 14, 12
Gender:2 male, 1 female
Case #:SUTAE0312257
  • Michael, 16, male
  • Gazzale, 14, female
  • Emilio, 12, male
Profile Updated:3/30/2020
Photo Updated:4/1/2020

Michael, Gazzale, and Emilio deserve a home to stay together!

Smart, inquisitive, and determined are a few of Michael's best qualities! Video games and card games are a top priority when it comes to his free time. When he puts the cards down, Michael enjoys working out. This teen will eat "most everything" and favors the colors black and white. Working to accomplish his goals, Michael is currently saving up to buy a car. He relates well to adults and gets along with peers. Michael is a motivated tenth grader who aspires to graduate high school and college and start his own business.

Gazzale is a talented songbird! When she isn't crooning to music, you are sure to find this girl dancing along to the beat, who adores the K-pop group BTS. Learning new languages is one of Gazzale's passions, and she also enjoys drawing. Styling her hair is important to her, and she likes wearing braids. She gets along well with peers and adults. Gazzale dreams of traveling the world and being able to know the languages of the countries she visits. She is now in the eighth grade.

Get to know more about the funny Emilio! If you know about queens, rooks, and pawns, then this kiddo is your next match. Not only is Emilio an excellent chess player, he greatly enjoys playing. Games of all kinds are well-liked by him, and he is often up for a challenge. Emilio is also a huge fan of LEGO and is said to be quite creative. He always says, "YES" to a slice of delicious pizza and likes the colors blue or red best. If Emilio had superpowers, he would want to have super strength. This kiddo has positive interactions with adults and same-aged or older peers. Emilio is doing well in the sixth grade and likes to learn.

Michael, Gazzale, and Emilio would do best in a home with a mom and a dad residing in an urban area, in which Emilio can be the youngest child. A family with pets is desired. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.


For families outside of Utah, only those families who have a completed homestudy are encouraged to inquire.

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