Nacari, Nikira

Name:Nikira, Nacari
Ages:16, 15
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 1 female
Case #:SMA0112150
  • Nikira, 16, female
  • Nacari, 15, male
Profile Updated:12/9/2021
Photo Updated:12/8/2020

Nikira and Nacari are siblings of African-American descent who are looking forward to finding their forever home together! Nikira is a likeable and friendly girl who gets along well with both adults and her peers. Her favorite activities include yoga, cooking, singing, dancing and painting. She also enjoys going to church and loves being a part of her Girl Scouts troop. When she grows up, Nikira would like to be a teacher because she enjoys reading on her own and to others. Nikira's teachers describe her as intelligent, talkative and able to follow directions and form relationships with others. Nikira has no behavioral concerns.

Nacari describes himself as shy, quiet, likeable and well-behaved. Others describe him as a sweet, smart and loving boy. His favorite activities include playing basketball and video games. Nacari is quite social and is able to interact with his peers. Nacari does well in class with extra supports and loves going to school. He has shown no behavioral concerns at school.

Nikira and Nacari will do best in a loving and strong family that is able to provide the siblings with support and set appropriate limits and boundaries. Their social worker is open to exploring families of any constellation. Nikira and Nacari have visits with their biological mother 1 time per year, and will need to be in MA for that scheduled visit.

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