Race:Black/African American
Case #:26600412664157
Profile Updated:1/29/2020
Photo Updated:1/31/2020

Javaun is teen who is optimistic about his future and strongly desires a forever family. He is active and enjoys a variety of outdoor sports especially basketball. He also enjoys music and playing the drums. Javaun has an easy going personality and is described as funny and playful by friends. Javaun desires to be adopted by a traditional and active family who he will be able to share new experiences and his life with. Javaun would benefit from a family with a positive male figure who can be a helpful role model for him. He would do well in a family that has the ability to offer him stability, guidance, and unconditional love as he transitions into the journey of adulthood.

If you feel you are able to meet the needs of Javaun do not hesitate to Seanetta Robinson

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