Race:Black/African American
Case #:MM014407
Profile Updated:5/2/2023
Photo Updated:9/27/2023

Ethan is polite, kindhearted, and gets along with peers and adults easily. When first meeting Ethan, he can be reserved. Once he gets to know someone, he loves to make them laugh by telling jokes or playing pranks. Ethan has an awesome sense of humor. He is the first to stand up to a bully and ensure that others are always treated fairly and equally. Ethan has a love for gospel music and watching Monster High, Winx, and Disney movies. He really enjoys going to school; especially his jewelry making class. Ethan also enjoys swimming and going shopping. Ethan participates in softball, soccer, and floor hockey. Ethan enjoys all animals, but he is not a fan of spiders or snakes.

Ethan needs a family who can provide a lifelong commitment to him.

Following adoption, Ethan will need to maintain contact with his siblings.

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