Case #:PA01C64AA72
Profile Updated:11/1/2023
Photo Updated:11/2/2023

Damien is polite, charming, and intelligent. He enjoys playing video games and board games. Some of his favorite activities are riding his bicycle, being outside, and driving four-wheelers! He can be both outgoing and shy. Damien is a bright young man who enjoys learning new things and does well in school. He shared that his favorite subject is computer science because he likes programming; he hopes to one day create his own video game. Damien enjoys watching funny videos and just recently got into anime. While outside, he likes to hunt, fish, camp, or swim. Damien would like people to know, “I’m terrified of heights, don’t like spiders or roller coasters, I enjoy reading and pizza rolls, and yelling is not the way to discipline me.” Damien dreams of one day being in the military and is most proud of his knowledge of cars. He works hard to complete his homework and “be on top” as he is not a fan of losing.

When asked what family meant to him, Damien wrote down his brother’s name and shared that he is currently the only family he has. Damien wants to find his forever family. He seems to enjoy helping in the kitchen and would love to have a family who can teach him more cooking skills! Damien would like a family where he can get a lot of attention and support. Damien is also interested in a family with other children; he would like someone his age or older than him to play with. Damien has contact with his birth brother who lives in Northeast PA, and would like be able to visit in person sometimes. Damien would also like a family with pets though he noted this is not a necessity.

Parental rights have been terminated for Damien.

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