Race:Black/African American
Case #:TN01-12886162
Profile Updated:9/24/2023
Photo Updated:8/16/2023

Rahjah is friendly and can easily be engaged in conversation. She enjoys dancing and singing along to music. Rahjah also likes to record silly videos and to make others laugh. She likes to write songs to process her feelings, and she also likes to draw and color. Rahjah likes playing all kinds of sports, including volleyball, soccer, basketball, football, softball, gymnastics, and track. She has a long list of movies and TV shows that she enjoys, too. If you ask Rahjah about her favorite food, shrimp is always at the top of the list! Rahjah loves dogs, and she is open to pets of any kind. Rahjah is generally very empathetic toward others. She fiercely defends those close to her and is often the first to offer encouragement to others in need. Rahjah is also very outspoken against bullying. She responds well to positive reinforcement, and she longs to join a loving family. Rahjah identifies as Christian, and her religious faith is an ongoing source of comfort.

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