Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Case #:VA01320381
Profile Updated:9/5/2019
Photo Updated:9/9/2019

Michael is an amazing young man born in 2003. There are so many wonderful things to say about Michael, he is caring and compassionate young man who takes pride in his appearance and self-care. When Michael is not shopping he spends his time playing video games with friends, he also loves anything to do with superheroes. Michael is very funny and can easily crack a joke. He is a hard worker and can do anything when he sets his mind to it. Michael is task oriented and enjoys learning trades that utilize his hands. Michael wants to attend college, learn a second language, and teach a second language as his career. Michael is very smart and makes excellent grades; he made all A’s and B’s last year. Michael enjoys the outdoors and loves spending time on a farm. Michael enjoys snack time his favorite snack is gold fish. He loves swimming and is very good at it. Michael is excited to meet his new adoptive family and is always excited to meet new people. Michael would love a forever family that is able to dedicate their love, time, and patience. Michael is a sweet young man that has expressed a desire to have a loving and caring family of his own.

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