Race:Hispanic/Latino, American Indian/Alaskan Native
Case #:OK0119CY42
Profile Updated:5/27/2020
Photo Updated:2/26/2020

Meet Selena, a beautiful teenager who has been described as having a big heart and someone who wants to give lots of love. She speaks the English and Spanish language and is very proud of her Hispanic heritage. Selena enjoys sports and participating in wrestling, football, gymnastics, and cheer. Music is a favorite past time and she enjoys listening to R & B, Pop, and oldies by Elvis and Johnny Cash. Selena enjoys art projects, cooking, and putting on makeup, doing her nails, and fixing her hair. Her favorite movies are San Andreas and Mulan and favorite TV show is On My Block. She enjoys reading books/series like Seraphina and the Black Cloak. Her best time of day is the evening. Selena enjoys Mexican cuisine, Chinese, pepperoni pizza, chicken quesadillas, vegetables, and fruit.

Selena loves animals and would enjoy working with horses in the future. Last year she attended a cosmetology seminar and decided she would like to go to cosmetology school after she graduates. She dreams of traveling to Florida and/or California to swim in the ocean. Selena is a member of a Native American Tribe; she is open to all family structures. She will thrive with parents who will spend time with her and help her develop her many talents. Are you the right family for Selena?

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