Race:Black/African American
Case #:24380104192019
Profile Updated:6/28/2019
Photo Updated:6/17/2019

Callyiah’s 16 year old artistic soul will be a great addition to any family. She greets everyone with a huge smile and has a precious laugh.

On any random day, Callyiah can be found watching how-to videos on YouTube about painting and arts and crafts. Within hours of watching those videos, she will be ready to present her newest masterpiece. Her artistic interests include dance, painting, drawing, and photography. Given this, it shouldn’t be a surprise that Callyiah wants to be a photographer when she grows up!

Callyiah is also a travel bug! She has visited many places in the last couple of years and has a growing list of other places that she would love to go to. Her favorite trip so far was going to New York and seeing a play on Broadway.

Callyiah enjoys school and her favorite subject is math. She works hard in school and loves to learn. Her desire to learn follows her outside of school as she is currently working on learning to cook and bake! In her free time she also likes to participate in youth group and spend time with her friends. She also enjoys playing card and board games with friends and family.

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