Race:Black/African American
State:Washington, D.C.
Case #:DC01166507
Profile Updated:5/1/2019
Photo Updated:5/3/2019

Frances is an outgoing, energetic, resourceful and resilient 16- year old. She enjoys spending time with her friends, playing sports and engaging in activities that allow her to be active. Her favorite sport is track and field. Frances spends her free time listening to music and watching Netflix.

She is a great self -advocate, can express her needs, wants and ideas verbally.

Frances would benefit most from a two parent household. She has expressed that she would like to be in a family that is active. France would like to be in a home that has pets. She loves animals; dogs are her favorite. When discussing adoption, Frances shared she wants a family who treats her as though she “belongs”. She doesn't’t want to “feel adopted. ”

Frances needs a family that has the ability to show that they are committed to her and her well-being.

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