Race:White/Caucasian, Hispanic/Latino
Case #:OK0119AH72G29
Profile Updated:9/10/2020
Photo Updated:8/29/2019

Meet Jose! Jose is a kind charismatic young man that has an infectious smile. Jose tends to work best in one-on-one situations and gets along better with older children and will prefer children older than him in the house.

Jose likes math and coloring and wants to be a cop, architect, or artist when he is older. Jose likes mostly Mexican style food but also likes strawberry shakes, Big Mac’s, and Sonic foot-long Coneys.

Jose likes animals and wants to have a dog, cat and bird as pets. Jose wants to play soccer. Jose enjoys playing with Legos, shooting the basketball around, and coloring or drawing. Jose would like to live in the city because he likes the noise of the city. Jose said for the right family though he would live in the country.

Jose likes to swim and wants to float the Illinois River and camp out.

Jose is looking for a kind family that enjoys giving hugs and kisses. Jose wants a family that will spend time with him. Jose wants to do crafts with his mom, fish and play guitar with his dad (after Jose learns to play the guitar), and camp with the whole family.

Jose would do best with younger siblings. Jose is a Christian who wants to attend church with his forever family.

Jose needs a kind loving forever family; a family that will show him affection, maintain stability, and encourage him.

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