Brian, Benjamin

Name:Brian, Benjamin
Ages:7, 5
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male
Case #:SOK0111571
  • Brian, 7, male
  • Benjamin, 5, male
Profile Updated:1/10/2020
Photo Updated:2/8/2019

Brian and Benjamin are both very cute, lovable, active, curious and sweet young boys. They like to play with cars, be outside, play with one another and they enjoy eating.

Benjamin loves to play in the dirt and could be outside for hours if he is allowed. Benjamin has also started to really enjoy putting together puzzles as well.

Brian enjoys playing with his toys cars and a lot of the times during transition times, he likes to have a car in his hands. Both boys enjoy being together and they are becoming more and move bonded over time.

Benjamin is not a picky eater; however, he is learning to not be so messy when eating and how to eat within a reasonable amount of time. Brian is more of a picky eater; however, he has been eating more fruits especially when he wants more meat. Brian is also learning to eat within a reasonable amount of time.

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