Race:Black/African American, Hispanic/Latino
State:New York
Case #:660110876
Profile Updated:11/15/2018
Photo Updated:6/17/2018

It was all things delicious when Tyjere whipped up savory sweet treats during his Wednesday’s Child film shoot at Miette Cooking Studios. He made baking look as easy as pie! But the icing on the cake was when he learned that his baking instructor, Brieanna, was also once filmed for a Wednesday’s Child shoot. The two bonded over that and their love for cooking.

Mr. Abdul, Tyjere’s caseworker, describes him as a lovable teen who still enjoys watching cartoons, playing video games and involving himself in sports. The sophomore strives to succeed in school and gets along well with his classmates. Although he takes pride in his cooking skills, he aspires to one day become a professional football player or a NASCAR driver.

Tyjere says his ideal family would consist of a mom and dad who will shower him with unconditional love.

“I want a family where I am not treated like an additional person, but a member.”

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