Kenti' Anna, Tyler, Jabar

Name:Kenti' Anna, Tyler, Jabar
Ages:16, 14, 12
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 male, 1 female
Case #:SGA0111157
  • Kenti' Anna, 16, female
  • Tyler, 14, male
  • Jabar, 12, male
Profile Updated:5/4/2019
Photo Updated:5/21/2019

Kenti’Anna, Tyler and Jabar are smart African American siblings who earn good grades and enjoy learning new things, creating art and watching funny shows. Kenti’Anna, born in 2003, is an articulate, artistic and bright leader who plans to go to college after she graduates from high school. She enjoys having time alone to read, doing gymnastics, listening to hip hop and other music to which she can dance, and watching dramas. Tyler, born in 2004, is a reflective, polite, well-behaved, athletic, competitive and motivated teen who enjoys socializing with the other kids at school where his favorite subject is PE. He loves playing and watching sports, especially basketball, football and baseball and plans to play sports professionally when he is older. Tyler also enjoys playing video games and listening to hip hop music. Jabar, born in 2006, is a kind, intuitive, receptive and communicative boy who enjoys being around his siblings, and playing and watching basketball, football and baseball. At school, where he is well-behaved, Jabar enjoys learning about science and socializing with the other kids. Kenti’Anna, Tyler and Jabar need a loving adoptive family who will provide them with the attention, support, encouragement, structure and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive and reach their goals.

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