Joshua, Rachael, Peres

Name:Joshua, Rachael, Peres
Ages:15, 13, 9
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 2 female
Case #:SMI0111119
  • Joshua, 15, male
  • Rachael, 13, female
  • Peres, 9, female
Profile Updated:5/10/2019
Photo Updated:5/11/2019

Joshua loves spending time with family and enjoys interacting with others. “He is always laughing and is a very social child,” says Joshua’s worker. Joshua loves being active, spending time outside and playing sports. Joshua enjoys wrestling, soccer, basketball and track, but absent of any formal games or equipment, he’s just as happy flipping a Frisbee with friends. On the weekends, Joshua says he likes reading, working out and doing “outdoor stuff.” In addition to playing sports, Joshua loves cooking, and his favorite food is African cuisine. Joshua says he wants to travel to Africa or somewhere mountainous “because I like to explore new places.” When he gets older, Joshua wants to become a mechanic or builder “because I like to work with my hands.” Once he finds a forever family, Joshua wants to share simple pleasures such as going to the movies or exploring the outdoors together.

If chill is a thrill then Racheal gets plenty of joy on the weekends and after school. She says she likes sleeping in on her days off, and after school, Racheal enjoys playing on her tablet. When she really wants to chill, Racheal plays with her favorite toys including Barbies and American Girl dolls. Racheal also likes playing Monopoly, which is her favorite game. Her other favorite things include the color blue, zebras and African cuisine. Racheal enjoys interacting with other and especially likes talking with her friend and playing Truth or Dare. “Racheal is very bright and friendly,” says her worker. She’s quite talented, too, and enjoys singing and dancing. Once she finds her forever family, Racheal hopes to just spend time at home with them.

Enjoying life is just the way Peres rolls. In fact, you could call her a student of it, especially when she talks about her favorite food. “I like Ramen noodles, ice cream, rice and beans, bacon and eggs and African food,” Peres says. Her smorgasbord continues into her favorite toys including playing with Doc McStuffins toys and playing the board game Don’t Lose Your Cool. She also enjoys swimming, playing on her tablet, spending time outside and participating in girls group at church. Like her sister Racheal, Peres has talent and enjoys singing and dancing. She’s creative, too. “She is very artistic and likes to color and make crafts,” says Peres’ worker. She enjoys being active by swinging and riding her scooter. Peres possesses a perky personality and “has been described as bubbly and full of energy,” her worker says. One of the most important things wants to do is visit Paris “because my name is Peres,” she says. This humorous young girl wants a forever family who shares her same interests including her faith.

These fabulous siblings would do best with an experienced mom and dad who can give them the attention they require. Their new forever family must be strong advocates for the services that will benefit Joshua, Rachael and Peres. Their new parents must have knowledge of the impact of trauma on a child. Finally, their family must be open to letting the children maintain contact with their other siblings.

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