Brittney, Brianna

Name:Brianna, Brittney
Ages:15, 14
Race:Black/African American
Gender:2 female
Case #:SMI0111114
  • Brianna, 15, female
  • Brittney, 14, female
Profile Updated:5/1/2018
Photo Updated:5/3/2018

Brianna turns pensive and protective at times. Her worker calls Brianna a quiet and calm child. “She can be very introspective and thoughtful,” Brianna’s worker says. “She is very caring, especially toward her sister and her friends.” She’s also a dynamo who’s athletic. Brianna loves playing basketball and participating in gymnastics. During quieter times, Brianna enjoys reading, playing games and watching movies. She likes shopping and listening to music. “She also knows how to play piano,” says Brianna’s worker.

According to her worker, “Brittney is a bright, bubbly, energetic child. She is funny and enjoys laughing and making others laugh too.” Brittney is a young lady with a pleasant personality who shows empathy for others. “Brittney is very caring and has a strong relationship with her older sister,” her worker says. That caring attitude will benefit Brittney when she gets older since she wants to become a nurse.

The girls’ worker is open to all types of forever families as long as Brianna and Brittney have an experienced and patient parent or parents. Brianna and Brittney’s new parent or parent should be trauma informed. Additionally, their new family must advocate for the services that will help the girls thrive.

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