Case #:MI01C09537
Profile Updated:11/22/2023
Photo Updated:9/29/2023

Nicholas beams when he receives affection and attention. He loves sitting on laps, getting hugs and cuddling with others. “Nicholas is a loving child,” says one of the people who knows him best. One of his favorite activities is turning doorknobs. He loves doors and likes visiting Home Depot so he can see its collection of them. Nicholas’ favorite toys are the ones with doors, but he also likes playing with sensory gadgets. In addition, Nicholas likes shopping, going on car rides and listening to rock music while rocking. “It’s a self-soothing activity,” says one of Nicholas’ close acquaintances. Among his favorite things, Nicholas lists French toast for food, red for color and dogs and spiders for animal. Although he loves doors, Nicholas doesn’t want to become a doorman when he gets older. He wants to become a maintenance man. Once he finds a forever family, Nicholas wants to go on cars rides and eat breakfast for dinner with them.

“Nicholas is pretty good with following directions and instructions,” one of his close acquaintances says. He’s described as super loving and goofy around other people. Nicholas does best with structure and close supervision.

Nicholas would do best with two patient parents who can provide the attention he requires. His family must be open to meeting Nicholas’ needs now and into adulthood. His new parents must be fierce advocates for the services that will help Nicholas thrive. In addition, Nicholas would do best as the youngest child in his new forever family.

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