Race:Black/African American
State:New York
Case #:660110875
Profile Updated:12/28/2017
Photo Updated:12/5/2017

Lizzie was all smiles during her Wednesday’s Child film shoot at ASPCA Animal Hospital. It was a perfect setting for her because she loves to care for others. From cuddling with cats to feeding puppies she got just a small taste of her dream of one day being a nurse.

If one can sum up her personality using three adjectives it would be: positive, athletic and smart. This 17-year-old enjoys playing basketball, but watching football has her heart. Outside of hobbies, Lizzie’s favorite subject in school is math because she likes the structure and loves numbers. Her dream is to help kids like her get an education like she has.

When she thinks of family she sees her dad, sister and mom. The person she confides in the most is her sister.

“A mom and dad should show love, validation, attention and spend time with you,” says Lizzie.

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