Maribel, Maximus, Veronica

Name:Veronica, Maribel, Maximus
Ages:11, 9, 9
Gender:1 male, 2 female
Case #:SCO1910656
  • Veronica, 11, female
  • Maribel, 9, female
  • Maximus, 9, male
Profile Updated:12/5/2017
Photo Updated:8/17/2017

Take a moment to get to know big sister, Veronica, and twins Maribel and Maximus!

If Veronica could possess a superpower, she would turn herself into Elsa from Frozen! Activities that make her happy are swimming, listening to music, singing, and attending vacation bible school. Veronica is a big fan of Disney movies, and her favorite color is purple. If you want to make her stomach happy, McDonald's, Mexican food, or pizza should do the trick. Veronica is a fourth grader who would like to become a singer, a teacher, or work with animals when she grows up.

Maribel's heart is filled with love for animals! Her favorite activities include playing outside, swimming, and coloring. With a talent for entertaining, Maribel can often be found singing and playing make believe games where she's an actress. Her favorite color is pink, and her preferred foods are tacos, tostadas, enchiladas, and McDonald's. Maribel is in the second grade and dreams of becoming a veterinarian when she grows up. She is a friendly little girl who gets along well with others.

Maximus is a friendly and helpful little boy who loves to swim! When not splashing around in the pool, he enjoys reading. Maximus's favorite color is blue, he enjoys dining on tacos, and his superpower of choice is flying. He is in the second grade.

A two-parent family in a rural location is preferred; however, their caseworker will consider all family types. We only accept inquiries on the entire sibling group, who will be placed together. These children have siblings with whom they would like to remain in contact following placement. Financial assistance may be available for adoption-related services.

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