Kemijah, Kemani, Karma

Name:Kemijah, Kemani, Karma
Ages:13, 11, 8
Race:Black/African American
Gender:1 male, 2 female
Case #:S060510628
  • Kemijah, 13, female
  • Kemani, 11, male
  • Karma, 8, female
Profile Updated:10/18/2017
Photo Updated:8/23/2017

Kemijah, Kemani, and Karma are delightful children who have very close bonds. They are counting on being adopted together!

Kemijah is a creative and motivated girl with high aspirations. She’s a talented writer, and loves stories and learning about the art of storytelling. She’s quite artistic, and especially enjoys drawing and painting. An adoptive family who would help support and encourage her creative pursuits would be a wonderful boost! Music has a place in her heart too, and she has played the violin in band in the past. Kemijah is also discovering the joy of cooking, and has fun experimenting in the kitchen. She can also be found playing outdoors, watching TV, and playing games.

Now in 9th grade, Kemijah enjoys school and is doing well. She spends extra time reading at home to help push along her progress. Described as a social butterfly, Kemijah likes to talk to her friends! She usually doesn’t let this interrupt her focus for too long though, after all, she knows she’ll need to work hard to achieve her dream of attending Harvard! Along with writing, science and math are favorite subjects. Having adoptive parents who will help her keep reaching as she works toward her academic goals could make all the difference.

Kemani, described as a pleasant young man, has many friends. He’s made great progress over the past year, and is better able to positively express to others what he’s feeling. He likes to play games of all kinds, and especially enjoys active outdoor play. He’s not signed up for the basketball team yet, but he has fun playing on his own. When he’s feeling more sedentary, he enjoys watching TV and playing video games.

Now in 6th grade, Kemani is doing well and is working at grade level. His teachers have observed that he enjoys learning and learns quickly. Math and reading are his favorite classes! He likes being able to attend an after school program where he enjoys the activities offered.

Karma likes to sing and smile, and when excited may jump and dance a little too. She loves music and reportedly “comes alive” when she hears a tune or someone sings to her. She is very bonded to her siblings, and likes spending time with them. Now in 3rd grade, Karma is making progress at school. She is benefitting from a small classroom environment, and does her best in a highly structured setting with clear expectations. Adoptive parent(s) who have experience with children with some learning needs, and who will be strong educational advocates to ensure that Karma has the resources and supports in place to help her be successful will be important.

Kemijah, Kemani, and Karma have a lot to share with their adoptive family! Their social worker is especially looking forward to hearing from couples. She does not, however, want to miss out on hearing from those exceptional single parents who have strong support readily available from family, friends, and community resources. Having a good repertoire of behavioral tools and strategies as well as positive parenting skills will be important. Though the preference is to find an adoptive family who will be able to welcome all three children into their home, their worker will consider two separate families, provided everyone is fully committed (and able) to maintaining their close sibling connections. If your family would like to learn more about Kemijah, Kemani and Karma, contact us soon!

Kemijah, Kemani, and Karma are also featured on the Northwest Adoption Exchange website. Please check out their profile for the possibility of additional photos, videos, and inquiry information.

Profile current as of October 18, 2017.

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