Nakayla, Arteceia, Miracle

Name:Nakayla, Arteceia, Miracle
Ages:11, 9, 7
Race:Black/African American
Gender:3 female
Case #:SGA0110404
  • Nakayla, 11, female
  • Arteceia, 9, female
  • Miracle, 7, female
Profile Updated:5/28/2018
Photo Updated:5/26/2018

Nakayla, Arteceia and Miracle are loving African American sisters who enjoy playing together (kickball and board games, to name a few), dancing, watching movies, listening to hip-hop music, and coloring. Nakayla, born 12/06, is a sweet, affectionate, busy, playful and thoughtful child who loves to laugh and enjoys making others happy and spending time with her foster family. She also enjoys riding her bike, participating in the Special Olympics (she LOVES dodgeball), bowling, and watching TV. At school, Nakayla enjoys learning about math and spending time with the other kids during lunch and recess. Her goals are to graduate from high school and find meaningful employment. Arteceia, born 7/09, is a quiet, observant, smart, spirited, and protective girl. She’s described as competitive and enjoys jumping rope and hula hooping. Arteceia also enjoys making people happy as well as giving and receiving praise. At school, Arteceia enjoys playing with her friends during recess and earning good grades. She plans to go to college when she is older. Miracle, born 1/11, is a sweet, fun, and busy little girl who loves to help her foster mother with tasks around the house and care for her baby dolls--always having one in hand. She also enjoys playing make-believe and dressing up in costumes. At school, Miracle is well-behaved and enjoys learning about math, making her teacher happy, and playing with her friends during recess and lunch time. Miracle plans to go to college then become an “animal doctor” when she is older so she can “save all the pets.” Nakayla, Arteceia and Miracle need a loving adoptive family who will provide them with the attention, support, encouragement and nurturing environment they need to continue to thrive. Their family will also need to support their need for ongoing assistance as well as their desire to maintain their relationships with their foster parents and their siblings, who have been planned for separately.

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