Cameron, Jon

Name:Cameron, Jon
Ages:17, 15
Race:Black/African American, White/Caucasian
Gender:2 male
Case #:SCNET0110262
  • Cameron, 17, male
  • Jon, 15, male
Profile Updated:1/4/2018
Photo Updated:3/31/2017

Cameron is a biracial male who was born May of 2000. Cameron is a special young man who has learned to be careful when trusting. He is very motivated by encouragement. Once he opens up to you, Cameron has a wonderful sense of humor and an unusual insight for a minor.

Cameron loves being active. Favorite activities include playing basketball, fishing, and spending time outdoors. His favorite colors are green and blue. He loves spending time with his peers and likes to stay in touch using age-appropriate social media. He enjoys watching movies and plays video games with his brother, too.

Cameron is a starting player on his basketball team. His height and natural athleticism makes him a natural defensive player, but he loves shooting too! He takes pride in his skills and will spend hours practicing solo or with teammates. He has been involved with the ROTC program for two years. His captain has recognized Cameron's leadership skills and promoted him accordingly. Cameron hopes to join the military or police force when he becomes an adult.

Cameron has a brother Jon, and they are very close. There is no separating these two. These brothers need a committed family who are willing and ready to help them to grow into great young men.

Jon is a biracial male born August of 2002. Jon is an energetic young man that has an offbeat sense of humor. He loves being active. Favorite activities include playing football, fishing, and spending time outdoors. His favorite colors are red and purple. Jon enjoys playing video games and cards with his brother and peers.

Jon is an artist and enjoys making comics or science-fiction type drawings. He enjoys using pencils, Sharpies and will progress to paints soon. Jon loves dogs would like to have a pet again. Jon would like to be adopted by his brother.

Cameron and Jon need a committed and dedicated family that sets boundaries and respects each child's individuality would be ideal.

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