Case #:TX0181057
Profile Updated:11/17/2023
Photo Updated:1/8/2022

Braydon is an easy-going teenager. He has an overall quiet personality and gets along well with just about anyone. He is very smart when it comes to computers, and he is also artistically inclined. He excels in school making good grades and takes full advantage of the classes that give him dual credit. After he graduates high school, Braydon plans to go to college and study to become a graphic designer or design video games. He loves living in a bigger city and enjoys going on vacations where he can explore new cities. Braydon is not a picky easter and enjoys a variety of foods. He also enjoys interacting with animals. He has previously helped care for goats and dogs on a farm and really enjoyed this. Braydon would be a great addition to a loving forever family!

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