Race:Black/African American
Case #:MS1620051
Profile Updated:11/1/2021
Photo Updated:11/7/2019

Kyle is a very energetic and outgoing child. He loves to spend time with his siblings. He enjoys playing outside, watching TV, playing video games, and playing all types of sports. Kyle has expressed that he would like to play sports on a team. He likes going to the movies and he loves McDonald’s. Kyle enjoys going to school; however, he will need assistance in meeting his educational goals.

Kyle is seeking an adoptive family who will provide stability, consistency, and a nurturing environment. He struggles with his past and wants to be placed with all his siblings. He needs a loving family who can devote time with him, set clear boundaries, and provide him with the attention he needs. A two-parent family is preferred and he will benefit from having a strong male father figure in his life. Kyle will need to maintain continued contact with all his siblings.

Macwis ID-4082206

Photographed by: Charlie Lum Photography

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