Race:Black/African American
Case #:TN01-28500676
Profile Updated:11/9/2021
Photo Updated:10/22/2021

Dieunelson is a very intelligent young man. He says he is the smartest one in his class. He loves playing video games, basketball, football and drawing. His favorite food is hamburgers, soul food, and Chinese food.

People who know him well say that Dieunelson is very outspoken and has a great sense of humor. His favorite television shows are The Simpsons, Family Guy, Bob’s Burger and Cleveland Show. Dieunelson likes all genres of music. He also love dogs.

Dieunelson will benefit from a forever home that will provide a safe, family oriented and loving environment. Dieunelson is in need of a family who is patient, willing to advocate when needed and willing to assist him in reaching his educational and personal goals.

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