Race:Black/African American
Case #:OK01R31655A19
Profile Updated:2/19/2020
Photo Updated:9/25/2019

Bailee is a social young lady. Bailee can be a “girlie girl” and loves having cute clothes, cute hair, and shopping. Bailee is also open-minded about music and enjoys listening to all genres and styles of music, currently pop is her favorite. Her favorite artist is Austin Mahone. Bailee enjoys watching sports such as football, soccer, and baseball; she is interested in being a cheerleader to cheer on her favorite teams. Bailee enjoys art. She participates in the Art Club at her school. School is very enjoyable for Bailee, and she has lots of positive comment from her teachers. Bailee has a goal to do something in the medical field as an adult, maybe in the area of women’s health. In her spare time, she enjoys spending her time doing arts and crafts. If she is not doing this, she is enjoying her time with friends, or playing with her MP3 player

Bailee can also be compassionate, compliant, playful, and outgoing. She has a wonderful sense of humor and enjoys having your one-on-one attention. Bailee is a hearty eater, but will give a preference towards junk food and sweets, specifically hot foods. She is still interested in knowing and keeping a connection to her bio family, and it makes her happy having connections to them. Bailee is very accepting of animals and loves the idea of a pet.

Bailee’s caregiver’s reports that she is smart, funny, and outgoing. Bailee has made a religious preference towards Christianity. Bailee is excited about the idea of adoption and being accepted into a family and being raised and loved as their as their own.

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